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The stationary circulating system is one of the main components of a drilling rig. The system is designed for collection, mixing and cleaning of drilling mud and pumping it down a well.

Mobile circulating systems (MCS) include pump pressure and suction lines, mud pits, control and measuring instruments, various accessory equipment and motor control centres.

Reserve tanks units feature a modular design for effective storage, as well as for intake and transfer of both drilling mud and raw water.

Mud cleaners are used as parts of drilling mud circulating systems (CS) for effective mud cleaning, sludge drainage and disposal, and weight material regeneration. They can be used both independently and together with a mud screen.

The mud screen is a high-tech equipment for removing solids from drilling mud. The unit is used as part of circulating systems at the first cleaning step and can be combined with mud cleaners. Mud screens can dispose of up to 20% of sludge of size 75-100 μm

USM Master centrifuge is used for drilling mud separation, cleaning and treatment.

Mud mixing units (BPR) are used for the preparation of drilling muds, reagents and other process liquids utilized for either construction purposes or complete repair of wells.