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MOTU Goals and Objectives

MOTU is designed to prepare sales oil by means of degassing, dehydration, desalting and stabilization processes.

The purpose of degassing is to separate oil from gas.

The purpose of oil dehydration is to destroy (stratify) water-oil emulsion using demulsifiers, which contribute to the destruction of droplets (globules) of water dispersed in oil, as well as to separate the main content of salts from the product.

The purpose of desalting is to remove (dissolve) the residual salt content, that remains suspended in the oil, by adding fresh water.

The purpose of stabilization is to separate light volatile components from oil in order to obtain a product suitable for storage and transportation without complications and significant losses.



The proposed units are supplied in modular design, pre-assembled at the factory (without a vertical steel tank) which provides the following advantages:

  • Reduced time of installation / dismantling,
  • Mobility of the unit,
  • Independent power supply,
  • Quick commissioning and start-up (including in case of equipment replacement),
  • Ability to move equipment using skids or truck chassis,
  • Shorter time of equipment mobilization and preparation for use at a new location due to the design features of the unit, both the complete assembly and its separate modules,
  • Shorter design time,
  • Savings in capital costs due to the production of ready-made modules and piping at the manufacturing plant, as well as financial costs due to the mobility of the unit.

The unit is designed to resolve the entire range of tasks related to the preparation of the required quality product:

  • Oil separation;
  • Deep thermal and chemical dehydration of oil;
  • Oil desalting;
  • Oil stabilization (reducing the vapor pressure of sales oil);
  • Recycling of reagents and heat transfer fluids;
  • Rejection of substandard oil and its repeat treatment;
  • Commercial metering of the products.
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