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The belt conveyor is a continuous transporting device with both carrying and tractive units united in a closed (endless) flexible conveyor belt. The belt is put in motion by the force of friction between itself and a drive pulley. It is supported along the entire length by stationary roller carriages.

In mines and quarries belt conveyors are used for transport of minerals and ore during horizontal and inclined working of drivage, overburden and gravel faces at mining plants; as well as for minerals and ore surfacing, minerals transport to either dressing plants or landing points of out-of-mine transportation and ore piling up in mine dumps. Besides, the belt conveyors are used for minerals transportation from mining plants directly to consumers.

    The main elements of belt conveyors:
  • conveyor belt
  • conveyer drive
  • flight with roller carriages
  • loader and belt tensioner

Belt conveyors

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