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PTB-10 modular tube furnace is a set of equipment that includes a number of large-dimension units forming the heating part of the furnace, as well as other supporting equipment and facilities together with the automation system.

Modular tube furnaces PTB

The tube furnace consists of the following three main units: a heat-exchanging chamber (1), a furnace base unit (2) and an air ventilation unit (3). Additionally, the furnace includes four explosive valve units, four funnels, oil inlet and outlet pipelines, gas heating coil piping, maintenance platform and a stepladder.

Both the processing units and the automation system of the furnace are, in situ, connected to each other and to other objects of the oil treatment plant by pipes, cable power lines as well as by control and automation cables. The automation system is designed according to the modular-functional principle. It is a complex of monitoring, controlling and signalling devices, located in the processing part of the furnace and in the hardware unit room.

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