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Metal oil tanks are reliable and capacious means of storage of petroleum products, oils, fuel and POL.

Horizontal tanks for oil and petroleum products

The tanks can be both single- or double-walled, and multi-celled. All connections, caps and covers are supplied with environmentally-resistant gaskets. The tanks are equipped with reinforcing ribs built into their bottoms and walls. For facilitating the use of the tanks, there are manifolds and special manways. Provided that the operating requirements are met, the leak proofness of the tanks is guaranteed for 20 years.


  • Metal supports (for aboveground tanks)
  • Automated control system
  • Video cameras
  • Liquid level gauges and thermometers
  • Fire and burglar alarm system
  • Waterproofing and thermal insulation
  • Firefighting complexes
Capacity, m3 Overall dimensions, mm Mass, kg Working pressure, MPa (kgf) Service-life, years
3 1400х2150 600 0,04 (0,7) 10
5 2000х2150 800
10 2000х2600 1300
25 2800х4300 2200
50 2800х8800 3700
75 3200х9300 4800
100 3200х12350 6000
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