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Mud cleaners are used as parts of drilling mud circulating systems (CS) for effective mud cleaning, sludge drainage and disposal, and weight material regeneration. They can be used both independently and together with a mud screen.

Mud cleaner
  • Desilters and hydrocyclones feature a sectional design that allows for easy replacement of worn-out parts;
  • Mud desanders are made of high-strength materials whose service-life is up to 10 thousand hours;
  • Mud cleaners are equipped with diaphragm pressure gauges used for controlling drilling mud pressure;
  • There is a wide range of inside diameters of the cleaner;
  • Ability to set an optimal operating mode due to replaceable nozzles for desilters and desanders.

Uralspetsmash mud cleaners are licensed to be used in the Russian Federation and have fire safety and hygiene certificates.

Features CycLone USM cycLone PRO
Desanders size 12 inches 12 inches
Desilters size 2 wт 2 wт
Desilters size 4 inches 4 inches
Number of desilters 12 wt 16 wt
Working pressure 0,3–0,4 MPa 0,3–0,4 MPa
Number of mud screens 3 wt 4 wt
Overall dimensions, mm 3044х2044х2285 3044х2044х2285
Mass 2285 kg 2385 kg
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