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Mobile circulating systems (MCS) include pump pressure and suction lines, mud pits, control and measuring instruments, various accessory equipment and motor control centres.

Mobile circulating systems for drilling mud mixing and cleaning

Mobile circulating systems (MCS) are used for delivering drilling mud from wells to tanks, mud cleaning and degassing. They includeboth mud control and injection systems, a reserve tank unit, and equipment for mud cleaning, reconditioning and controlling.

Uralspetsmash circulating systems allow for preparing drilling mud of specified quality, composition and weight characteristics.

Reserve tank units (BDE) included in the system allow for keeping a significant amount of reserve drilling mud.


  • The modular configuration of mobile circulating systems (MCS) reduces its size and simplifies its maintenance and installation.
  • Mud circulation rate decreases by 2-3 times.
  • Drilling sludge generated after mud cleaning is not fluid, that is why it can be easily decanted, transported and recycled.
  • Mud cleaning effectiveness is more than 60%.
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