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Reserve tanks units feature a modular design for effective storage, as well as for intake and transfer of both drilling mud and raw water.

Reserve tanks units with piping

Uralspetsmash reserve tanks units (BDE) are multipurpose units of various sizes containing cylindrical or rectangular steel vessels that are furnished with all the necessary processing equipment. The units are used as parts of drilling mud circulating systems. .


  • Metering instruments
  • LED lamps with telescopic tripods
  • Electrical equipment
  • Pumps of various types


  • Due to the maximum level of prefabrication, it is possible to transport and install the units in a short time.
  • Reserve tanks units can be either fixed to metal supports or mounted on steel skids for moving around the oilfield.
  • For Northern regions reserve tanks units (BDE) are covered with multi-layered sandwich panels and thermal insulation
  • Outward tank shells are faced with rigid steel sheets.
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