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Agitated bulk-capacity vessels are used in food, oil-and-gas and chemical industries.

Steel bulk-capacity vessels agitated bulk-capacity vessels

They are designed for extraction, homogenisation, absorption and crystallisation processes in single-and multi-phase media (not only in neutral liquids, but also in toxic, aggressive, highly explosive and flammable media). The vessels can be powered by both explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof motors. Depending on specific technical requirements and operating conditions, the agitated bulk-capacity vessels are made of stainless, alloyed and high-carbon steel as well as of titanium alloys.

Agitator design

  • Anchor agitators
  • Gate agitators
  • Propeller (three-wing) agitators
  • Turbine agitators
Capacity, m3 Overall dimensions, mm Pressure, MPa Mass, kg Service-life, yearsт
1 1200х1100 1100 Up to 1,6 (16) less than 10
2 1400х1550 1900
3,2 1600х1900 3300
5,0 1800х2300 4000
6,3 1800х2800 4600
10 2200х2980 5000
16 2400х3880 5900
25 2800х4480 10000
32 3000х5200 11200
50 3000х7800 13400
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